Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson


Ken once attempted the “Van Damme” split on two moving golf carts.

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ETA has always grown conservatively. The co-founders all have families and know what it means to rely on a job in order to put food on the table, pay the electricity bill, etc. So we made it a priority to never hire someone unless we were 150% certain that we had the growth and momentum to support them. Additionally, we’ve continued to invest in our culture, making sure that we carve out time for our team to do great things outside of their core responsibilities. Balancing the items above, in conjunction with continuing to provide world-class service to our clients (and paying the bills), is a delicate dance. In short, we’ve been operating in a capital-constrained manner as most startups and small businesses do.

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ETA Joins Cloudreach

We are pleased to announce our merger with Cloudreach to launch their Technology Strategy and Application Transformation Practice.

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