Our Operations team has experience transforming standard business procedures to add value back to the business. We refactor and disrupt traditional processes through extensive stakeholder interviews and detailed data analysis in order to help businesses realize what’s important. We specialize in creating repeatable, valuable, and efficient processes to better align organizations to their goals.

Agile Project Management

Our Project Management team has years of Agile Project Management experience, and excels in driving consensus and change throughout organizational units. We view Project Management as a critical, enabling activity that is custom-fit to the task at hand. Whether it is articulating strategy, working with the Business to meet critical milestones, or going hands-on with the Technical teams, the Project Management team facilitates and ensures success throughout the Project Lifecycle.

Incident Response Processes

Even the best systems have issues. For those times, it’s essential to have detailed Incident and Issue Response Processes. Our team has experience putting processes around all types of issues for all sizes of clients – from High Priority Break-fixes for Enterprise clients, to repeatable workflows for Development teams – our goal is to minimize impact and continue normal business operations.