Organizations of all sizes hire us to apply forward-thinking and award winning solutions to solve some of the world’s most complex problems

Our professional services team offers expertise across a wide range of languages, disciplines, and frameworks -- we pride ourselves on being able to span the breadth and depth of complex topics and issues while offering product-agnostic recommendations and solutions.


Infrastructure and System Operations

No matter what the business case is, solid infrastructure and continuity of operations are the underpinning that ensures success. Our team has a wealth of experience designing, implementing, and maintaining Web Scale infrastructure to satisfy millions of active users. Our infrastructure runs in Production environments of all configurations and makeups – On Prem, Cloud-Only, and everything in between, all backed by rock solid experience working with a variety of Governance and Auditing Tools.

Our diversity of experiences ensures that we not only have the specific expertise to implement a client’s targeted solution, but can generate data-driven recommendations along the way. Regardless of the targeted configuration, our Infrastructure Team has both the breadth and depth of experience to speak that language – Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack; On Prem, AWS, GCE, Azure; – our Consultants have the domain knowledge to implement the right solution for the business need.

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Architecture Services

The ETA Team boasts industry experts who are well-versed in building, transforming, and maintaining applications of all sizes and constructs. Whether it is transforming how an organization delivers software, or implementing a modern Infrastructure, our Architecture team is Solution Independent – the right technology choice is the one that provides the most value to the client.

We have years of experience working with both Technical and Business stakeholders to validate system architecture, review code and processes, and perform performance and security audits to generate detailed organization roadmaps. But even better than a traditional Gap Analysis, our team specializes in implementing these realistic recommendations – because at the end of the day, a theoretical recommendation provides no value.

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Development Experts

Our Development Team transcends the traditional “software implementer” role – we are industry leaders and subject matter experts recognized in multiple development communities for our work. Our team has in-depth knowledge of specific Frontend and Backend technologies – React, Angular, Node.js, Go, Rust, Python – and are comfortable spanning the full stack to provide the most value to the business.

The Team also has eclectic technical experiences – we dabble in everything from Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and TensorFlow, Drone creation, and Hardware Hacking. This enables us to augment our technical recommendations and solutions with a wide base of experiences, which in turn enables us to plan and implement for where technology is headed, rather than where it is now.

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Process Engineering / Transformation

Our team of technologists are experts in harnessing data to examine, modify, and optimize business processes to meet the needs of diverse stakeholder groups. We excel in working with client teams to drive consensus and create lasting value throughout the organization by implementing standardized, repeatable playbooks for company activities, driven by analytical data and accompanied by regimented governance structures.

We have in-depth experience working with the key dimensions of People, Process, and Technology to implement and manage against Agile frameworks to revamp delivery cycles and increase value to end customers. We have over 10 years of experience transforming businesses and delivering solutions for some of the most successful companies in the world.

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User Experience Design

Our Design Team thrives on transforming experiences and elevating brands of all types and sizes. Whether we’re brought in to advise on product experience and positioning or cultivate design thinking within your team, we believe great design happens with empathy, collaboration, and the bravery to encourage new ideas.

We’ve won awards and worked on some of the world’s largest brands, but our biggest motivation is being staunch advocates for the end-users. We will challenge you to think differently and bring the “wow-factor” 24/7/365. To do so, we collaborate with business, technology, marketing, and analytics team of all sizes and specialities to make the amazing happen. Did we mention we love what we do?

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Create a Culture of Innovation

Disruption is occurring in every industry. We leverage incredible technologies to inspire leaders to think differently. We create custom Innovation Labs and presentations for client events of all sizes, from executive leadership meetings and training sessions, to large conferences with tens of thousands of attendees. We can take the lead, or work directly with client units to craft the perfect experience.

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