When we started Emerging Technology Advisors (ETA), we had little idea where the adventures that lay ahead would take us. That said, we were very confident that people in the industry, whether in an enterprise or a small business, needed help with picking the right most technologies for their tasks. So we started a consultancy around the core premise of helping people avoid the pangs, troubles, and missteps commonly associated with adopting emerging technologies, advising groups to basically avoid our own mistakes and battle scars. From that very simple concept, we have worked on some of the most absolutely amazing projects for some of the largest organizations all while continuing to push the envelope of what could be done with technology. Where most smaller companies centralize around a single technology, we diversified in technology, ideas, and people and it has made all the difference in the world.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure to help build a team… nay, a family… of the most amazing people I have ever met. Linda Nichols, Derek Lindahl, Alex Rhea, Troy Connor, Alicia Lauerman, and Noah MacMichael have put their faith in this (oft times crazy) science experiment we call ETA. Whether it was times where the work seemed impossible or karaoke late night on a cruise, this team was built with the utmost respect and love for each other, it is the single greatest accomplishment of my professional careers, so I would be remiss not to thank them tremendously as well as my co-founders, Ken Henderson and Glynn LoPresti.

Together, we have brought Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to more than 30,000 people, we have established a next generation curriculum in New DaVinci that radically increases adoption across all ages, genders, and races, and finally we have helped pave the way for the application for next generation technologies in domains that are historically resistant to change. Despite a rather cloudy vision at the start, we have accomplished incredible things by taking our corporate anthem (Irene Cara, Flashdance… What A Feeling) to heart, “Take your passion and make it happen”.

Reaching for the Clouds

Along this journey, we identified a group of people in Blackstone and Cloudreach that shared similar passions for emerging technologies, helping customers, and treating co-workers like family. Immediately we identified all of the complimentary ways we would benefit and support each other creating a perfect fusion of consultancy-led cloud transformation services. This led to the inevitable and natural question of “Why not do this together?””

Great question and I’m glad you asked! As of today, Cloudreach and ETA are officially joined together to provide world class high technology consulting, implementation, and long term management. Furthermore with the established global reach of Cloudreach, we are able to spread our community engagement, technological and civic, to a much broader audience. I look forward to growing with Cloudreach in order to ensure the smooth and successful adoption and application of new technologies in ever larger and broader reaching organizations. This is a great time for Cloudreach and ETA as we combine forces into one unified family of cloud technologists, stay tuned for amazing things!