Today, we announced that ETA is becoming a part of Cloudreach. At its core, this deal will combine Cloudreach’s leadership in enterprise cloud adoption with ETA’s expertise in digital transformation and corporate innovation. For the team at ETA, this is also a wonderful opportunity to advance our corporate culture and love of technology.

ETA was built on a simple principle - that elite technology solutions come from elite technologists.

We set out to develop a team of technology leaders - the ones who are building the tools and solutions of tomorrow; the ones who mobilize their local developer communities; the ones who are speaking at (and often running their own) tech conferences and meetups; the ones who are exploring everything from containers to robotics, machine learning, and Serverless architectures.

In the past 3 years, we have grown into a family of truly incredible individuals, and have pioneered solutions to complex (and often, novel) technical challenges for our clients. But it is as much about the work this team does outside of traditional client engagements that has defined our culture and success.

Fueling the Future of Technology

It was late 2014 when people started taking notice of our team’s innovation and educational work: building robots, running tech conferences, and teaching kids about technology with 3D printers, drones, and virtual reality. When two of our clients simultaneously asked if we could use our educational technologies to inspire their organizations, we knew we were on to something.

Scott (PwC) and Brian (Ellucian) were just hoping to find a new way to encourage organizations to think differently about emerging (and potentially disruptive) technologies. Little did they know that they had ignited something much larger within ETA.

We packed up our set of educational technologies (read, “toys”) including 3D printers, quadcopters, robots, VR headsets, etc., and headed to a client conference in New Orleans. Over the next two days, we helped thousands of attendees fly quadcopters, and print 3D models of themselves.

A month later, we were in NYC, helping CIOs from all over the world program flying robots. Many quadcopters met their doom that day… so many crashes. But after only two events, it was obvious: to drive a real dialogue around emerging technologies, disruption, and opportunity, PowerPoint slides simply won’t cut it. You must give people the opportunity to get hands-on… to really see how incredibly fast technology is moving, and how it is changing our world.

Expanding our professional services focus to include corporate innovation was an easy business decision. Our innovation events are as much a blast for our team as for our clients. It’s honestly hard to call it “work.”

And so, ETA became what we love today - the combination of digital transformation services with enterprise education and corporate innovation - providing our communities and clients with the cutting-edge technologies of today, along with a vision for tomorrow.

And… Liftoff! Creating the Future

For ETA, the merger with Cloudreach provides an opportunity to supercharge the development of our culture and vision. Within Cloudreach, we will be launching a strategic technology consultancy, and expanding upon our existing community efforts including the New DaVinci program, NodeBots, and numerous conferences and technical meetups.

To the amazing clients who have supported our journey to date - you have placed your faith in our team, and entrusted us with responsibility for your most critical systems, applications, and efforts. We know that you hold us to the highest standards, and you should expect nothing less as we begin the next phase of this journey with Cloudreach.

And to those we have not yet worked with - we look forward to the opportunity to work with you, helping to define and develop the future of your organizations.