ETA has always grown conservatively. The co-founders all have families and know what it means to rely on a job in order to put food on the table, pay the electricity bill, etc. So we made it a priority to never hire someone unless we were 150% certain that we had the growth and momentum to support them. Additionally, we’ve continued to invest in our culture, making sure that we carve out time for our team to do great things outside of their core responsibilities. Balancing the items above, in conjunction with continuing to provide world-class service to our clients (and paying the bills), is a delicate dance. In short, we’ve been operating in a capital-constrained manner as most startups and small businesses do.

Enter Cloudreach

It was never our intention or desire to sell ETA. Our fundamental goal was to build a company with the smartest and most talented people we could find. Which in-turn would challenge our clients to embrace emerging technologies (hence the name ;-) ) as part of their next generation technology roadmaps. Then we met the folks at Blackstone and they told us about a company that they had just invested in, and how our core business is an area that aligns fabulously with where they’re looking to grow (enter Cloudreach). As you can imagine, there were a good amount of questions initially. After several discussions (many trips to NYC) and getting to know the Cloudreach folks, we realized that their mission and our mission were actually well aligned. They had a “Cloudy” culture that shares most of the core values that our culture does - focusing on the team and ensuring that the work environment is more than just a keyboard to pound on. After digging deep into the intricacies around merging two companies together, we (all parties involved) arrived at the conclusion that combining forces would yield great things.

The Future (1 + 1 can actually be greater than 2)

Merging with Cloudreach will enable us to continue delivering the same world-class services, but with the support of Cloudreach & Blackstone. The mission for the entire team is successful growth, which will outsmart and outpace our competitors. We’ll continue to serve the phenomenal clients that we have, and at the same time look to hire as many like-minded and highly-motivated folks that we can find. We’ll be able to leverage the current Cloudreach team and strengths to offer new services and faster turnaround times to our clients, which will enable us to accelerate ETA’s original mission within the Cloudreach team. So if you’re asking yourself what the net result of the merger is… it’s like strapping a rocket to the back of ETA and placing it inside of an already highly-impressive organization. I truly believe that they’ll be no limit to what we can do as a combined team.

Looking forward to a bright future, Ken Henderson (Co-Founder, COO)