We are pleased to announce our merger with Cloudreach to launch their Technology Strategy and Application Transformation Practice

Joining Cloudreach presents a unique opportunity to advance the development of our team and vision. This merger will combine Cloudreach’s leadership in enterprise cloud adoption and optimization, with ETA’s expertise in modernization efforts, ranging from architecture to applications.

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Professional Services

Enterprise IT Modernization

ETA offers transformational services that span architecture, infrastructure operations, design, and development – let us know where we can help.

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Enterprise Innovation

Create a Culture of Innovation

ETA innovation events leverage disruptive technologies to inspire organizations to think differently, and take advantage of new technology trends.

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  • Your in-depth knowledge and insight around the millennials, technology and the future workspace and the convergence of the two provided our participants with unique views on the exponential changes happening and for the need to be adaptable in the future.

  • You guys rock, as always. Thanks again for helping me out in a pinch. I do realize you all went above and beyond the call of duty this time.

Our Story

We started as a team of technologists helping companies solve complex problems, but our love of all things technology didn’t stop there – in our spare time, we were building robots, creating developer communities, and teaching kids technology.

We heard the growing chorus of concerns about disruption and the challenges of keeping pace with technology and trends. The idea was born: combine emerging technology professional services with enterprise education and innovation -- providing our communities and clients with the cutting-edge technologies of today, along with a vision for tomorrow.

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